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These are suggestions for developers:

Implement a project builder like template controller for new documents. Some templates are stored somewhere, as files or folders, and when creating a new file, iTeXMac just copies the right files and folders at the right location.

GUI for standard packages, like array, geometry, layout... This means a very basic plugin architecture.

Change the scripts and project design...

And whatever might be useful.

Do not hesitate to contact me

How to download iTeXMac sources from sourceforge CVS

This assumes that you have a working cvs.

Normal situation: enter in the terminal

cvs login

cvs -z3 export -r JAGUAR_BRANCH -D "

For developpers. To export, enter in the terminal
cvs -z3 export -r JAGUAR_BRANCH -D "DATE" iTM

To checkout (work on the code)
cvs -z3 checkout -r JAGUAR_BRANCH -D "DATE" iTM

In any case, you will replace the red strings with appropriate values.

For the latest stable build, please replace DATE with 2004-02-10 00:00Z

How to build iTeXMac from sources

Then from the terminal, you run


and follow the guide line. You need to be an administrator and provide your password.

AFAIK you can just run without administrator privilege

cd iTM/Help\ Books
xcodebuild build

Then wait for Apple Help Indexing Tool to complete its job, and enter

cd ..
xcodebuild build -buildstyle Deployment

but you won't end up with a full distribution, only the application.

How to build the iTeXMac image

Just use Disk Utilities to create a disk image of the folder named iTM/build/iTeXMac ??? image folder

Copyright J. Laurens 2002
Last update 05/25/2002
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