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10 seconds description: iTeXMac is a

  • teTeX front end
  • text editor dedicated to TeX
  • PDF viewer

10 seconds description: iTeXMac has

  • syntax coloring and much more
  • customizable macros
  • customizable key binding
  • project design
  • searchable Mac OS X Help
  • access to teTeX Help
  • AppleScript
  • cool preferences panes
  • a wonderful icon
  • Bugs

10 seconds description: iTeXMac can

  • do anything teTeX can (with a little effort)
  • use LaTeX, ConTeXt, MetaPost, amsTeX (just the same as above!)
  • use your favorite external Text editor
  • use your favorite external PDF viewer
  • use your favorite external DVI viewer
  • view standard graphic files
  • render DVI, PS and EPS files
  • navigate from errors to source, source to output and conversely (quite)
  • navigate from DVI to source, source to DVI and conversely (;-)

10 seconds description: iTeXMac cannot

  • really navigate from output to input and conversely (like TeXTures®) sigh, however it works with DVI and coming soon for PDF, no SYNCHRONIZATION IS HERE for LaTeX users.
  • automatically write mathematical articles
  • make the coffee

1 seconds discussion: iTeXMac or TeXShop ?

  • Do you really have to choose? why not have both?
  • No serious comparison has ever been made between both.
  • Don't believe people saying TeXShop is the best: they don't know iTeXMac.
  • Don't believe people saying iTeXMac is the best: they don't know the forthcoming version.
  • But hey, why do you think there are still many people using OzTeX, TeXTures, TeX Tools and so forth...
  • Anyway, iTeXMac IS the best.
  • You are free to believe me or not.
Copyright J. Laurens 2003
Last update 12/05/2003
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