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give me some more ideas

Comprehensive TeX Archive Network: everything is there.

Mac-TeX: THE site dedicated to TeX and Macintosh

TeX section at Gerben Wierda's site

LaTeX en entreprise sur Mac OS X site from Enrico, in French

Multilingual documents

Question to comp.text.tex:

«how can one typeset documents in French, German or English, containing
quotes in Hebrew, Greek, Arabic...
I am a completely newbie with respect to that problem
LaTeX solution preferred,»

Answer by M. Rosenau:

Here's an example:

\usepackage[ansinew]{inputenc}% or latin1, etc.
Französisch: Côte du Rhône\\
\foreignlanguage{polutonikogreek}{>En >arq~h|}

Read the Babel documentation for French, Greek, etc.
For Arabic and Hebrew you will need ArabTeX, which is
probably not part of you TeX distribution:

For pdf creation you might also need something like ibygreek
(or psgreek) and CJHebrew...

Kind regards,
Another answer was "Read the babel package"

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Last update 08/05/2002
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