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See the source section for details.

iTeXMac is only available in english, german and french now. If you plan to help for localization, see the corresponding section below or contact me in order to coordinate all contributions.

General Comments
Localization might be a difficult job even if iTeXMac general design did take the localization problem into account. If many people want to contribute for the same locale, I encourage them to split the whole work. The whole iTeXMac help folder needs not be localized by the same person. In any case, keep track of some versioning infos to ease the handle of updates.

Moreover, localization can be more than a literal translation, some versions might need specific templates or help files, adaptation is the word.

I certainly should add a french version by myself but I certainly won't have time.

Technical comments:
The version source available for localization is 1.1b0 (in general the last one!). Files that need localization are those stored inside the english.lproj folders of iTeXMac main bundle, either in the Resources or the Preferences folder. The .nib files are localized through nibtools(I think) or interface builder. .strings files just need a text editor. At first glance, the icons and tiff's won't need localization but i might be wrong: tell me then. There is now a nibtool wrapper called NibLocalizer by mark's-studio.

  1. Following the work from Keith J. Schultz, a "locale" folder in iTeXMac sources is dedicated to localization. See the instructions inside.

German section
Keith J. Schultz coordinates the German localization. If you plan to contribute, contact him (Do not forget the [iTeXMac] tag in the subject of the mail)

He plans to localize things in that order

  1. GUI
  2. templates
  3. macros
  4. examples
  5. Help file

French section
The french localization has been achieved by Marie Nielse. The help file is missing. contact, me if you can help .

Italian section
The Italian localization is on its way. The work is due to TrakkaBoy. contact, me if you can help .

Copyright J. Laurens 2002
Last update 05/25/2002
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